Second place is as good as last.


And your doubt can become a good quality if you train it. It must become knowing, it must become criticism. Ask it, whenever it wants to spoil something for you, why something is ugly, demand proofs from it, test it, and you will find it perhaps bewildered and embarrassed; perhaps also protesting. But don’t give in, insist on arguments, and act in this way, attentive and persistent, every single time, and the day will come when, instead of being a destroyer, it will become one of your best workers—perhaps the most intelligent of all the ones that are building your life.

—    Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet (via alighthouseofwords)

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Perhaps it will seem to you that the sunshine is brighter and that everything has a new charm. At least, I believe this is always the result of a deep love, and it is a beautiful thing. And I believe people who think love prevents one from thinking clearly are wrong; for then one thinks very clearly and is more active than before. And love is something eternal—the aspect may change, but not the essence. There is the same difference in a person before and after he is in love as there is in an unlighted lamp and one that is burning. The lamp was there and it was a good lamp, but now it is shedding light too, and that is its real function. And love makes one calmer about many things, and in that way, one is more fit for one’s work.

—    Vincent van Gogh (via mycolorbook)

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Tiffany & Co. Arms from the Robert M. Lee Collection. See more from the collection here.

Top Photo: Colt Single Action Army Tiffany & Co. Revolver, popularly known as a Third Generation Colt Single Action Army.

Bottom Photo:Smith & Wesson Presentation and Exhibition Frontier Tiffany & Co. Revolver, circa 1892-93

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